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Blog writing to me is thinking out loud while jotting it down. Of course, it’s refined and edited, but nerveless, it’s somebody’s opinion, thoughts, views. That’s the case with the blog about homework or the blog about rules and expectation in class. These blogs are very personal, written in order to express one’s point of view and to get others to respond with pros or cons. It’s also a dialogue with others. You don’t just write blog for yourself, you write it for others to read and to respond to it. It’s like an invitation to a discussion or debate. Then, I saw other types of blogs, with the same purpose, to invite others to respond, but they did not have an opinion or point of view, but just a question or an invitation to respond like the blog about missing duck for grade 2. This an example of blogging used for education purpose to involve students in different type of writing, creative writing. Personally, I have a hard time reading anything on the computer screen, including blogs and the comments. I find myself wanting to skip and go the to next posting, unless it’s very interesting for me, and I mean very, very interesting. Reading all the comments  is not very exciting, since they are repetitive. Of course, everything changes if you read responses to your own blog. That’s what makes blogging so appealing. You can share with others what you think and then you enjoy reading their comments. I find that part very exciting. Even when kids respond to my very easy questions in blogs, I am so impatient to see what they wrote. I am assuming that if they would post, they will be excited to read what others write to them too. That what makes blogging different from other types of writing. It’s interactive. You get  responses and that alone give value to your writing. It does not stop because it’s open  for many people to see, your friends or strangers. In addition, your posts are always there, no need to search for it later. Even if you are just commenting, it could be  interesting to read what others are thinking and how different or similar your opinion is. I felt that curiosity when I was reading the blog  about creativity in schools. Since I agreed on some points with the author of the blog, i wanted to see what others have to say, even though I just skimmed through the comments. It can definitely can be used for learning, including reflecting or just responding or writing creatively.

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